Twitter Ditches 140-Character

Twitter Ditches 140-Character DM Limit Starting next month

Users can send Direct Messages of up to 10,000 characters DMS: from 140 to 10,000 characters
There is a good news for all the twitter users, the message limit of 140 characters have been increased up to 10, 000 characters for all its direct messaging. The announcement has been made by the product designer at Twitter, Sachin Agarwal that from next month inwards all the Twitteratti, will be able to make direct message forgetting the character limit of 140. They now will have the freedom of making direct message as long as 10,000 characters. However, the relaxation in the character limit is valid only for direct messaging and other regular tweets, which were by default of 140-characters, shall keep working with the same number (140 characters).

New feature by Twitter
Earlier twitter introduced the feature of direct messaging, in which users were able to message anyone either they follow or don’t follow on twitter. Even group messages could be made private. Thus if you are talking to multiple people in a group or to any brand, then you can make that multiple conversation private and personal with each of the members. Even users having Android and IOS had this option of activating direct message receiving in the settings.

Level of Competition in the domain of social media
Twitter is in direct competition with other similar nature sites, like Facebook and Linkedin, and in order to remain in the game and in users mind, there is always a need to make certain changes. It is pertinent to mention that if Twitter doesn’t work towards its betterment, it may lose its standing in the eyes of the users.

Impact of change
Understanding the requirements of the target audience and the situation prevailing on other competitor sites, like Facebook and Linkedin, in which there is no limitation or constraints in the number of characters of the messages; twitter has announced this relaxation. According to one investor of the Twitter Chris Sacca, who write in one of the blog that Twitter is trying to bring in some improvement in their system, and increasing in the character limit of direct messages is one step towards improvement.

Introducing customization in DMS
Some people are thinking that by increasing the character limit in direct messaging, they may end up receiving DMS from all those individuals who they don’t follow on Twitter. But don’t worry; Twitter has a solution to this problem as well. With the help of special feature of sharing block list and exporting contacts, if your list of hatred/annoying people and that of your friend is the same, then you can even import the same list from your friends account to your account. This way you will be able to block number of people or contacts. As you will now have a liberty of making private messages and conversation with each individual in multiple contacts or group chats, in a similar manner, you will have the liberty of blocking entire list of people rather individual person.
So from July, enjoy new Twitter offer!

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