Steam Machines Available for Pre-Order

You probably have heard that Steam was trying to make computer gaming a lot more accessible to the average game lover or the gamer by offering up smaller & more affordable hardware. Also, they declared their plans to develop a controller designed particularly with a computer gaming in mind. The great news is that the time has come & these are now readily available for pre-order. Now, you are able to pre-order a Steam Link streamer, Steam Controller, and 2 Linux-based gaming Computers at GameStop, Micromania, EB Games, and GAME UK. Best of all, you get your precious hardware almost a month prior to everyone else.


The Steam Controller is just a thing to behold. It is designed to emulate a mouse and keyboard with 2 big circular touchpads. This innovative input device enables you to play games from all genres, such as traditional gamepad-type games as well as games normally reserved for play with a keyboard and mouse. The Steam Controllers are wireless & completely configurable. The Controller retail is just for 49.99 USD.



The Steam Link enables existing Steam gamers to flourish the range of their current gaming setup through their home network. Simply connect your Steam Machine or Steam Computer to your home network, plug into a television & stream your games to the Link at 1080p. The Steam Link will also run you 49.99 USD.


Starting today, you will be able to pre-order your own Steam Machine. Pre-ordering your Steam Machine now means that you’ll receive it on 16 October, weeks just before the official retail launch on 10 November. As of now there’re only 2, but Valve assures to have more options later on. Syber and Alienware are two of the manufacturers that offer their own designs of the Steam Machine & the prices are not all that bad when compared to the selling price of entry for a console. Both starts at around 400 USD, but if you are really into the concept, you will be able to drop up to 1400 USD.
3The Alienware Steam Machine will cost 449 USD. The Steam operating system comes with a more efficient Steam Controller that runs with any console on the marketplace with a dual-core Intel Core i3 processor, 4GM RAM, and GeForce 860M+ graphics. These are just the beginning. It’s also got an HDMI slot so you can route your other HD gadgets through the Alienware box easily.


New Picture (3)The Syber Steam Machine features standard desktop GPU support NVIDIA GTX 980. It is more powerful and allows you to upgrade your graphics card in the future. But, it doesn’t come with a controller. The Syber Steam Machine will cost you another 499 USD.

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