Be Careful

Be Careful who you trust your PC to.

I have been working with computers since 1973 in various capacities from Programmer to IT Director to Business Owner. I have probably hired 1000 people… not all successfully. I tell you this to inform you of my experiences and to let you know that I know what I am talking about.

Let me ask you this… would you go to a doctor who had no medical degree? Or to a lawyer who had not passed the Bar? Well why would you trust your computer to someone without proven expertise? What is proven expertise you might ask? I say a Certification. Notice I did not say a degree. I have taught at places where my supervisor told me ‘Give her a test that she can pass’. I have taught at ‘Colleges’ where if the student’s financial aid came through YOU MUST PASS THAT STUDENT. This is not true for all colleges BUT you cannot fake a Certification. You can guarantee that whatever the person has a Professional Certification in, they can do!

Computers are only simple on the surface. When everything goes good, everyone is an expert. But the real Pros come out when stuff goes wrong. There are people in our industry who are not able to pass or have not had the time to take the test who will argue that the Certification is not necessary. In my opinion, that is the only way that you can trust your computer to them. What do you think? Would you rather be sure or sorry?


  1. Well put. Certification by the right authorities is the validation, not some organisation just trying to turn a buck. Things change so fast in this industry and the skills you have today may be obsolete in 2 years. Thanks.

    • What do you think the right organizations are?. right now I am working on a certification that have that is recognized by no one.. Does it have value… Sure it does to me. but almost no entity would recognize it. Am I paying for it? Yes I am. I am just following your example.. By the end of the year I would have taken and passed the windows 10 certification. it will cost me no money other than the cost of the test. Microsoft is not trying to generate income from the certification, they are trying to ensure expertise.

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