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Some Things To Consider When Buying a Computer


By: Rosemarie C. Ramos       IZPO Marketing       questions@goodcheapcomputers.com

Nowadays, computers are already a necessity. You utilize it in your job and your office won’t be complete without it. Your job is dead with no computer to use. Some of the manpower was even replaced by a computer. In your home, the kids play games through it and do their research for their studies. The whole family enjoys using it when connecting with their loved ones abroad. How fascinating and how amazing this thing is – the computer.

Everyone wants to have it and everyone works hard to own even at least one of it. But when you buy one, be sure that it is really applicable to its use and that it is up to your budget and requirement.

Now, let me share you some tips on what to consider when buying a computer.

  1. BUDGET – How much is in your hand to buy a computer? What is the range of the computer cost or price that you may afford to purchase?
  2. PURPOSE – What is your purpose in buying a computer? Are you going to use it for your online jobs? Or merely just for keeping abreast with your facebook, tweeter and E-mails? Are you going to store large files in it?
  3. NEED – Based on your answer in number 2, you may now determine whether you need to buy a laptop or a desktop. Then go back in No. 1 to determine also which may fit in on your budget. Another thing to think about is that laptop can be brought anywhere because of its portability. So if it is for business or travel use, better choose to have a laptop,
  4. PROCESSOR – speed and performance of the computer are determined through its processor. Intel Core 2 duo is advisable and now common in the market.
  5. SCREEN – Again, going back to your No.2 , the purpose, if you will buy a laptop or computer just to be able to watch your favorite movies, then a big screen is to be considered. But do you know that many computers with screens larger than 16 inches may have a few hours of battery life?
  6. MEMORY – They said that if screen is the eyes of the computer, processor is the brain then Memory is the heart. It is what the computer needs in order to run applications like Microsoft office , browser and the operating system. So better to choose a laptop or computer with 4 GB or more if you plan to have a heavy applications.
  7. HARD DRIVE –  it is the storage capacity of the computer. Generally, for a more storage capacity, choose a computer with at least 320 GB .
  8. BATTERY – when you buy a laptop, it is with a battery. Always check its battery life and aim for a laptop with at least three hours of battery life. That is not bad at all.

Some of the things mentioned above are just the key technical factors. You may also check the features that is available to use in the computer such as the built-in webcam and digital media card slot.

So that’s it. I hope I was able to help.

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