Surface Pro Review

Are you a die heart fan of Windows? Are you not very familiar with other operating systems, i.e. iOS & Android? Do you want to have a smart and handy solution to all your urgent writing requirements? Do you find all your friends & colleague carrying tabs with them no matter where they go and are always the first one to disclose all the latest happenings? If you want a single solution to all these problems, then surface pro is probably what you are looking for.
In the domain of tablets, surface pro is from the family of Microsoft tablet having an operating system of Window 8. Microsoft series started with the Surface, then Surface 2, Surface 3; later on Surface Pro emerged, with Surface 2 and Surface 3 in the next series. Surface Pro 3 has recently been launched in 2014, and since then the manufacturing of Surface pro and Surface pro 2 has been labeled outdated, however selling of surface pro and surface pro 2 is popular in the category of used market (second hand).
Surface Pro Series was introduced in the market in 2013, having 27 cm (10.6 inches) of display which is diagonal; dimensions of screen with 16:9 are 9.3 by 5.2 inches. The thickness of the display is comparatively more than that of surface. The display of surface pro 3 is 12 inches with dimensions 2160 x 1440 with a ratio of 3:2.
Surface pro had always been considered in direct competition with Apple iPad and other Android Tabs due to its features, handy approach and an ability to manage and run Windows 8 operating system on it. Now you can also take notes and do art work on the surface pro due to its application name “stylus”. With surface pro 3 technology of balm block, the writing on the screen with the help of pen is pretty easy.
All those people who are thinking about buying a tablet and are confused as which one to choose then you may need to know more about the surface pro features through this article:
If you want to save maximum battery for your normal use and want to do away with the hassle of recharging your tab every now and then, better go for surface pro. The screen of surface pro has a light sensor which saves battery and adjusts it accordingly. When you are in slightly less light zone, the sensor adjusts lights on its own so your eyes will not feel any pressure to focus. Similarly during sunlight the sensor again adjust the light by becoming dim according to the requirement of the user. It is true that all gadgets consume maximum light from their display light, so with surface pro, you will have the freedom of managing usage of screen brightness and thus increasing battery life of the tab.
Do you find it hard to memorize locations and destinations and have to take others help in finding any particular location, then surface pro has a solution to this need of your. Surface pro has a navigator which can find ways for you. The GPRS enables you to find paths in the absence of WIFI connections. So don’t worry, next time you will not have to stop your car every now and then and ask people to guide you, rather surface pro will act as a destination provider for you throughout your way.
The presence of camera can help you to take pictures of all your friend and families on the special occasions. So if you forget to take along your camera, then don’t worry with surface pro you will be able to take as many pictures as possible.
All music lovers need not to have external music device with them when their surface pro is embedded with music kit. The music kit is present in all the versions of surface pro.

Surface pro can be the better replacement of laptop with Windows OS, because it is handy, light weight and take less space. The present market price of the tablet is also low as compared to the laptops. However still it is up to users whether they want to move from conventional laptop style to tablets styles or not.

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