SSDs offer peak efficiency for boot-up and high read/write performance to support computing that requires improved multitasking capabilities. On the other hand, an SSHD can provide near-SSD performance for boot-up, starting and loading programs. The big benefit an SSHD has is capacity. SSHD technology offers larger volumes at affordable price points. SSDs are attainable at various capacity points, but are more costly above 250 GB. When deciding which to recommended, it is hard to make a sure decision, unless you know exactly what needs you are trying to fulfill. You must think about what would be more value to you, speed vs capacity. Although the differences in speed between HDD and SDD is much higher than SSHD vs SSD, the differences still technically exist, and if it’s bench marking performance you are after, a state of the art SDD would be more suited for your needs. If it is practicality you are after, then the SSHD, with its near SSD performance and higher capacities, is the worthy choice. After all, who isnt a data hog these days? With all of those music, movies and games filling up everyone’s computers, a speedy SSD-like drive, with room to spare for all your media, would be the more attractive option.

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