Android M


Google Provides Early Look at Android M

Google is going back to the basics, as said by the SVP of Android. Google has come up with the test preview of Android M for consumers before the official launch. It’s similar to downloading messaging app like Whatsapp, when user try to download it, there is no permission app, rather for every action user do on messenger; permission is granted separated for that.
Now what Google tends to do with Android M and what market has to say?

Drive space:
With the addition of Android M, Google shall be able to get all preferred Apps along with their backups and settings on Google drive. At the same time, the space in the drive is pretty less 25 MB, so it is feared that it won’t be able to save many downloads.
Now Enjoy Vertical Scrolling:
With Android M, the overall functionality of the app is increased and app can now be scrolled down in vertical manner rather horizontally. Normally vertical scrolling is slightly easy and better as compared to the traditional horizontal one.

Freedom of Customization:
Android addition in Google gives user the liberty to use the settings of quick access in a customization manner to the notification bar. Now user will be able to either completely get rid of or change certain functions like airplane mode, hot spot, mobile signals, torch or cast screen etc.

Color Scheme:
If you want to have black background and don’t like white color of Lollipop, then Android M has good news, it is more like black scheme of Kitkat Android. With automatic option of changing color, it will appear white during the day time and will become black color in the evening time.

Enhancing Security:
To enhance phone security, Android M doesn’t offer quick dial-up access to all those people who makes call many time a day. It restricts the reach to dial-up when the screen is locked.
Though there are many new features with deletion of older ones, still Android users look forward to the launch of Android M by Google to experience its magic world.
It is still a surprise as what will “M” stand for. If Google is going to follow its tradition of calling every new app with some edible names, like KitKat and Lollipop, then we may assume “M” to be either “Muffin”, “Marshmallow” or anything else. So folks wait for the new treat.

Microsoft’s Cortana Coming to iOS, Andriod

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Microsoft’s Cortana Coming to iOS, Andriod

Much had already been said and heard about the launch of windows 10 as the last of its kind by Microsoft. However nowadays yet another rumor about Cortana being introduced to Android and ios is also in air.
Cat is out of the bag:
Yes, the cat has been brought out of the bag. Cortana is in the next stream for android and ios. For Windows 10 operating system, Cortana is considered to be really important as it will make it easier for user to operate Windows 10 on their smart phones. The aim is to make Cortana, an assertive device for all users of laptops, Xbox users, desktop and other competing devices plus Windows 10.
Cortana on Android and Ios:
Cortana is the first of its kind, a digital device which is going to make your life easy while using your PC or your Mobile. With the help of Cortana’s assistance, not only updates your reminders for coming events, but also be able to search various things via web. Now what is going to be the role of Cortana for Andriod and Ios? With Cortana, whatever information you have had on your cloud computer, you can access it, plus your notebook shall also be syncing with your device all your contacts via notebook. It even reminds user of all the latest updates and their installations.
Besides this Cortana app can be used to fix reminder, if you tend to do some task on some specific day. Cortana can remind you with its buzz; all your flight schedules can also be traced and recorded with this app. You even have a liberty to install Cortana app on your android as well as Cortana on your PC with Windows 10 operating system.
Cortana; Sharing Experiences across Devices:
Cortana can easily be downloaded from Google play. If you want to shift all your music albums and picture folders from PC to smart phone, they can be done with a click and Cortana will synchronize all the data from one medium to the other. According to the Microsoft CEO, aim is to shift from one device to the other and enjoying sharing experience. Now people can use multiple devices, i.e. smart phones, PC’s, laptops and even xbox while all having the same apps and operating system, Windows 10.
Cortana on PC:
For launching the Cortana, on your PC you need to have app of Phone Companion first. It will allow you to set and install Microsoft’s mobile app on your system, you still have a freedom to choose customized mobile platform for that purpose.
What critics have to say?
Critics are of the view that the integration of Cortana is better with Windows Phones as compared to iOS and Android. You come across problems with hand free mode is invoked or opening apps and toggling settings, however they still call this an encouraging endeavor by Microsoft to stay in the market and explore opportunities.
It can safely be assumed that with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft wants to acquire as much client base as possible due to Windows 10 considered to be the last step by Microsoft. Secondly if we talk from consumers point of view, they may surely want to test the trial version of Windows 10, which will be free for all Windows 7 and 8 owners for the next one year after its launch.




In computing refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including but not limited to a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources.
Virtualization began in 1960s main frame computers as a method of logically dividing the system resources provided by mainframe between different applications. Since then, the meaning of the term has broadened.



In July 2006 Microsoft released the Windows version as a free product. In August 2006 Microsoft announced the Macintosh version would not be ported to Intel based Macintosh computers, effectively discontinuing the product as Power PC- based Macintosh computers are no longer manufactured. The newest released, Windows Virtual PC, does not run on versions of Windows earlier than Windows 7, and does not officially support MS-DOS or operating systems earlier than Windows XP professional SP3 as guests. The older version which supports a wider range of hosts and guest operating systems remain available.
Virtual PC virtualizes a standard PC and its associated hardware. Supported Windows operating systems can run inside Virtual PC. Other operating systems such as Linux may run, but are not officially supported, and Microsoft does not provide the necessary “ Virtual Machine Additions” (which includes essential drivers) for Linux. Connectix Virtual PC, Microsoft Virtual PC 2004, Microsoft Virtual PC-2007.
Desktop virtualization is the concept of separating the logical desktop from the physical machine. One form of desktop virtualization virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can be thought of as a more advanced form of hardware virtualization. Rather than interacting with a host computer directly via a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, the user interacts with the host computer using another desktop computer or mobile device by means of a network connection, such as a LAN, Wireless LAN, or even the internet. In addition, the host computer in this scenario becomes a server computer capable of hosting multiple virtual machines at the same time for multiple users.
Modern operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Linux can include limited application virtualization. For example, Windows 7 provides W3indows XP mode that enables older Windows XP application to run unmodified on Windows 7. Full application virtualization requires a virtualization layers. Application virtualization layers replace part of the run time environment normally provided by the operating system. The layer intercepts all disk operations of virtualized applications and transparently redirects them to a virtualized location, often a single file. The application remains unaware that it accesses a virtual resource instead of a physical one. Since the application is now working with one file instead of many files spread throughout the system, it becomes easy to run the application on a different computer and previously incompatible applications can be run side-by-side. Example of this technology for the Windows platform include, AppZero,BoxedApp, Cameyo, Ceedo, AppLidis, Evalaze, InstallFree, 2x Software, Citrix XenApp, Systancia, Novell Zenworks Application Virtualization, Numecent Application Jukebox, Microsoft Application Virtualization, Software Virtualization Solution, Spoon (formerly Xencode), Symantec Workspace Virtualization and Workspace Streaming, VMware ThinApp, P-apps and Oracle Secure Global Desktop.
Hardware-assisted virtualization is a way of improving efficient virtualization. It involves CPUs that provide support for virtualization in hardware, and other hardware components that help improves the performance of a guest environment. Hardware virtualization can be viewed as a part of an overall trend in enterprise IT that includes autonomic computing a scenario in which the IT environment will be able to manage itself based on perceived activity and utility computing, in which computer processing power is seen as a utility that clients can pay for only as needed. The usual goal of virtualization is to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and over all hardware-0resource utilization. With virtualization, several operating systems can be run in parallel on a single central processing unit (CPU). This parallelism tends to reduce our head costs and differ from multitasking w/c involves running several programs on the same OS. Using virtualization an enterprise can better manage updates and rapid changes to the operating system and applications without disrupting the user. Ultimately, virtualization dramatically improves efficiency and availability of resources and application in an organization. Instead of relying on the old model of one server, one application “that leads to underutilized resources, virtual resources are dynamically applied to meet business needs without any excess fat “(Consonus Tech).
Hardware virtualization is not the same as hardware emulation. In hardware emulation a piece of hard imitates another, while in hardware virtualization; a hypervisor (a piece of software) imitates a particular piece of computer hardware or the entire computer. Furthermore, a hypervisor is not the same as an emulator, both are computer programs that inflate hardware. But their domain of use in language differs.


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Cortana is an AI helper system, similar to Apple’s Siri, that will assist users with day to day computing functions. It is already on Windows Phones, and is posed to becoming a staple of WIndows 10.

On the interface side, Microsoft has settled on an animated circular shape to symbolize Cortana’s personality and how it responds to input, instead of utilizing a full blown human-like avatar, like used in the video game Halo.

Cortana records everything she knows about you in a file. This mirrors real assistants and how they operate; to keep tabs on what their boss likes and dislikes. Having this file system in place and accessible by users, allows them to see precisely what Cortana is aware of and delete anything they’re unhappy with.

Cortana gets more and more useful each day, when she studies you. She will make life easier by giving fast access to all the info you need. She will make suggestions personalized just for you. Microsoft expects the Cortana assistant to be very useful, and used by all Windows 10 users. Microsoft wants to build up a contextual operating support system that knows an individual so well that it could predict their needs to get objectives done faster, like a science fiction movie.

Dragon… Dont type, talk


The rate of speech is roughly 120 words each and every minute, or three times faster when compared to the average typing speed of 40 words each and every minute. Voice recognition software program Dragon, by Nuance Communications, transforms your spoken vocabulary into content so it’s like having a 120 words per minute typist, who is very precise.


In case you are a freelance author, a speech to text software like Dragon can greatly improve your productivity. Those that type very sluggish or possess illegible handwriting may also benefit greatly. Secretaries and administrative assistants can experience great efficiency gains by dictating company documents and emails. Another group that benefits are the ones that are struggling repetitive strain injuries such as for example carpal tunnel.


The first talk with text software arrived in the 1990’s and was not impressive, as the narrator was forced to speak in a robot-like fashion so the transcription could possibly be error free. That is not the case anymore. previous versions of these programs frequently slowed computer function. These problems have been solved by Dragon. Earlier Dragon versions frequently interpreted a breath just as a word. With the brand new version, it isn’t necessary to switch off the microphone for a pause.

Project Spartan

Spartan is a completely new browser that is unreleased. It is from Microsoft and will come with Windows 10. That is right, the big news for Spartan is the way the new web browser will formally replace IE, which until recently, was a mainstay since its debut in 1995.

 Spartan is without a doubt built for our current generation internet. It has features devoted to productivity. For instance stills of various internet webpages can be taken, and marked up utilizing a pen stylus. This function is built right into this internet browser, and the pictures are kept on online storage spaces.

 Reading is what most people do when internet browsing, and MS aims to create a far more efficient reading method of doing this. Project Spartan will have a mode which is like the reading features within Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers. The internet browser will enable clients to transfer the text from webpages right into a page where they could read only the text itself, from the website (without any distractions), or leap back to the web page with a stored hyperlink. These lists shall synchronize Spartan across PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Project Spartan will feature the Cortana assistant built in, to assist with Web search features. Previously, Cortana was just on Windows Phone, nevertheless Microsoft promised that Windows 10 will have Cortana in there aswell.