New Apple MacBook Runs Windows 10 Better Than OS X Yosemite

New Apple MacBook Runs Windows 10
Better Than OS X Yosemite

It is quite surprising to find that an operating system designed for a rival company actually works much better on the new Apple MacBook. This is what computer science student, Alex King, found out when he tried to install Windows 10 which is still under development and found that it works much faster and smoother on the Mac compared to its original OS X 10.10 Yosemite. King found that the hardware advantages of the new MacBook especially its Retina display will provide great advantages if combined with the design and utility of the Windows OS.

Installing Windows 10

Just like other users who are quite hesitant in installing an operating system which is yet under development, King opted to install Windows 10 on the MacBook through a virtual emulation machine. This way, he would be able to discard it easily if it doesn’t work smoothly. As we all know, a virtual machine can definitely take up a lot of a laptop’s memory and can be taxing to the overall hardware as well. The new MacBook also features a lower-power Intel Core chip which allows it to prevent overheating even without a fan.

With the subsequent “efficiency” of operating Windows 10 through a virtual machine, King then decided to install it to the iMac itself although this did not seem to be an easy process. He still had to reinstall some drivers and programs such as Trackpad++ so he can have multiple capabilities on the touchpad. He was not able to install the Bluetooth driver however.

Differences with the OS X 10.10 Yosemite

King noticed several differences when it comes to the performance of the iMac’s OS and Windows 10. Some of things that he liked about Windows 10 are the following:

  • It did not drain the battery that much. He was able to use the iMac for more than 9 hours at 40% brightness.
  • It was fast and smooth to operate compared with the Yosemite. According to King, Windows 10 was rendered at 60FPS which was really fast even though some apps did not display very well because they were not optimized for the Retina display. He was able to play several games such as Left 4 Dead and Super Smash Bros. Melee at that rate as well. Yosemite was not able to perform as much in terms of gaming.
  • The utility and features of the Windows OS. King liked the new user interface of Windows 10 as well as the various apps and features that come with it. According to him, Cortana was a good addition as well especially since MacBook did not have Siri installed.
  • The new Windows Edge browser. Overall, King loved the fact that Windows Edge was able to load pages really fast even with multiple tabs open.

Overall, King attributed the greater efficiency of Windows 10 on the new 12-inch iMac to Apple’s hardware and to Window’s software. Since the two may never be collaborating on a laptop anytime soon, he suggested that Apple should upgrade some of Yosemite’s features.

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