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With Apples’ i-Pad sweeping the gadgets market, Amazon’s buzz with the launch of its own tablet; Kindle Fire was thought to shuffle the tablet market with its arrival. The product is said to be in direct competition with Samsung Galaxy tabs, Playbook by Blackberry, Xoom by Motorola & i-Pad by Apple. However the tab market share by Apple remained untouched and untapped due to varying difference between i-Pad and Kindle Fire.

Amazon is the famous name in the domain of online retailers, but the introduction of tab by the company came as a shock for many while others look it as a positive initiative. The product entered the US market with the name “Amazon Kindle Fire” in Sep 2010. If you think that Kindle Fire is just an e- book or some similar product by Amazon, as many people had in mind when they saw the association of Kindle Fire with Amazon, then you are wrong. Kindle fire is an addition in the domain of tablets for people who love to carry all of their personal belonging ranging from pictures to songs, from games to apps in their tabs all accumulated at one place. Now let’s see what can motivate tab lovers to prefer Amazon’s Kindle Fire over others.

Motivation behind buying Kindle Fire:
Less Price: At first user will find it cheap in terms of price when comparing with Apples i-Pad 2, as Kindle fire is being marketed for $99, whereas Apples i-Pad 2 is priced at $499.


Better Speed, Performance and Battery Timing:
Now you can enjoy more speed better performance with longer battery timings due to Kindle fire application on Android, a customized and split-browser of new cloud acceleration. The cloud uses platform of Amazon’s own server for all heavy browsing and thus kindle resources are not consumed to that level. If you want to store many files of songs, pictures , games, books or other stuff on your tab, then you have to rely on the Amazon’s cloud as the tab doesn’t have additional space storage capacity and users have to utilize the online space of Amazon server.

Size of Screen/ Display:
The display of the tab is smaller around 7 inches thus you may need to see what you can see on the tab. The battery timing of the tab is 8 hours which is enough to be carried along to any destination.

If you have a habit of taking tab along everywhere then you need to have a Wi-Fi connection for that matter. Although, the option of connectivity with 3G is not supported by the device, however nowadays with easy availability of Wi Fi everywhere; you will not feel any hassle.
Presence of various Apps:

Numerous apps are waiting for you on the appstore of Amazon for Android. If you have a standard version of kinder fire, then you will have the freedom of running and downloading many apps. If you are fond of getting latest games, you may need to upgrade to HD Kindle fire.
If you are a professional and require to use financial apps, word processors or you are a housewife who starts her day keeping in view the weather forecast or saves time by making online purchases, or you are a student who likes to listen to online songs while driving or prefer studying online; then Kindle Fire is a perfect service provider for all your requirements. . It’s a “One stop solution” to all your daily, weekly, monthly requirements which fulfills not only household but all official needs too.
With Kindle Fire, now you can have an access to online songs with the help of song apps, you can work on financial and word processors, can study online through educational apps, get things at your doorstep through online purchases with shopping app, and keep track of weather changes through weather apps.

Kindle fire, though not very well known at the moment, still it is considered to hit gadget market soon; as it can be estimated from the fact that within the 5 days of its launch, the product has captured more than 250,000 consumers. It can safely be said that soon it will prove to be a big success for Amazon and a big hit in the tablet market.

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