Dragon Naturally Speaking Review


Transferring speech to text can be tricky at times. A wide range of speech recognition programs are available out there and Dragon Naturally Speaking holds a prominent place out of them.  It can simply be defined as an excellent tool with a dictation score of over 90%. The errors are extremely small and any person can think of using this tool without much doubt on mind. Keep on reading this article to learn more about Dragon Naturally Speaking and know what it has got for you.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Features

The unique and interesting features offered by Dragon Naturally Speaking has played a major role behind its popularity. Most of these features are automated and you can use them without any hassle. Out of the features, voice transcription has received much customer attention. You can simply record something on another device and let is play, and the Dragon Naturally Speaking will automatically dictate all the words that are being played. This can help you a lot when you are taking notes at a class. The microphone in your laptop will not be powerful enough to capture all the words that come out of the mouth of your teacher. In that kind of a situation, you can simply record the lecture with the help of a powerful voice recorder and let Dragon Naturally Speaking take down notes later.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is compatible with a wide range of accents. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about pronouncing different words in different ways. This software has the potential to detect what you tell, regardless of your accent. In addition, you can find a status icon, which can be used to detect the status of the software. This will assist you to determine whether the software is in dictation or command mode at a glance.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands

Dragon Naturally Speaking comes along with a large number of commands. You can even think of adding your own customized commands in the premium version. A large percentage of these commands are associated with moving the screen and grammar corrections. Customized commands will assist you to begin games, open projects and open your emails. If the tool cannot figure out the exact command, it will present a number of options that are closely related, giving you the opportunity to select the right one.

Help and Support

The developers of Dragon Naturally Speaking offer an excellent help and support to all the customers. You can connect with them thorough online chat to clarify all the issues and doubts in your mind. In addition, the website has few tutorials and you can go through them to get a better understanding about the software.

Final Words

All the features of Dragon Naturally Speaking are specifically designed to make the life easy for users. It can be considered as an excellent voice to text tool that is equipped with a very high dictation percentage. Therefore, you can think of installing it without any doubt on mind.

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