Cloud Storage

cloudThe three most used cloud storage

Google Drive includes Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets and more. If your daily work involves utilizing the mentioned web tools, Google Drive would be the best for storing your data. It is furthermore important to remember that it is versatile since it can be used with Android, Windows, OSX, Linux and iOS. Google Drive can be appropriate for many plugins which is why a lot of its customers prefer it. Its pricing can be very competitive.

Dropbox is among the oldest companies that came set up immediately cloud storage has been introduced on the market. Its recognition has continued to cultivate ever since then and several folks have liked the services provided by Dropbox. It supports os’s of both desktop computer systems and mobiles, making it considerably more flexible.

SkyDrive is incorporated with Windows, including Windows 10, and may also be utilized by people that use Microsoft Office. SkyDrive is backed by both desktop computers and tablets thus you may use it in your workplace or when on the road. In addition, SkyDrive also contains apps for iOS, Android and windows. Therefore, it is possible to access your documents on SkyDrive from wherever you’re, provided you are linked to the internet


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