Microsoft’s Cortana Coming to iOS, Andriod

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Microsoft’s Cortana Coming to iOS, Andriod

Much had already been said and heard about the launch of windows 10 as the last of its kind by Microsoft. However nowadays yet another rumor about Cortana being introduced to Android and ios is also in air.
Cat is out of the bag:
Yes, the cat has been brought out of the bag. Cortana is in the next stream for android and ios. For Windows 10 operating system, Cortana is considered to be really important as it will make it easier for user to operate Windows 10 on their smart phones. The aim is to make Cortana, an assertive device for all users of laptops, Xbox users, desktop and other competing devices plus Windows 10.
Cortana on Android and Ios:
Cortana is the first of its kind, a digital device which is going to make your life easy while using your PC or your Mobile. With the help of Cortana’s assistance, not only updates your reminders for coming events, but also be able to search various things via web. Now what is going to be the role of Cortana for Andriod and Ios? With Cortana, whatever information you have had on your cloud computer, you can access it, plus your notebook shall also be syncing with your device all your contacts via notebook. It even reminds user of all the latest updates and their installations.
Besides this Cortana app can be used to fix reminder, if you tend to do some task on some specific day. Cortana can remind you with its buzz; all your flight schedules can also be traced and recorded with this app. You even have a liberty to install Cortana app on your android as well as Cortana on your PC with Windows 10 operating system.
Cortana; Sharing Experiences across Devices:
Cortana can easily be downloaded from Google play. If you want to shift all your music albums and picture folders from PC to smart phone, they can be done with a click and Cortana will synchronize all the data from one medium to the other. According to the Microsoft CEO, aim is to shift from one device to the other and enjoying sharing experience. Now people can use multiple devices, i.e. smart phones, PC’s, laptops and even xbox while all having the same apps and operating system, Windows 10.
Cortana on PC:
For launching the Cortana, on your PC you need to have app of Phone Companion first. It will allow you to set and install Microsoft’s mobile app on your system, you still have a freedom to choose customized mobile platform for that purpose.
What critics have to say?
Critics are of the view that the integration of Cortana is better with Windows Phones as compared to iOS and Android. You come across problems with hand free mode is invoked or opening apps and toggling settings, however they still call this an encouraging endeavor by Microsoft to stay in the market and explore opportunities.
It can safely be assumed that with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft wants to acquire as much client base as possible due to Windows 10 considered to be the last step by Microsoft. Secondly if we talk from consumers point of view, they may surely want to test the trial version of Windows 10, which will be free for all Windows 7 and 8 owners for the next one year after its launch.

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