How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10?

The below steps will help you in upgrading from Widows 7 to Windows 10. This step by step process will make it easy for any user to upgrade easily without any complications. The user running the Windows 7 with service pack 1 are eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10. To know whether your computer has the same configuration just open run command by entering Windows + R shortcut and type “Winver” in the command box, you will see the details as in the figure “Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)”.

Those who don’t have service pack 1 have to install it from the Microsoft support center. You must update the selective version as per the configuration of computer i.e. 64 bit or 32 bit. After updating you shall see the “Get Windows 10” app in notification with the Windows icon. If you don’t see the app icon your computer is not yet ready to be upgraded.

If you don’t want to get into the updates and want to speed up the process, you may download the update KB3035583 that will give you direct access to install “Get Windows 10” app on your computer. Once you have installed the app, click on the Windows icon on the screen in the bottom right corner. Now click the “Reserve your free upgrade” button from there. You will have to enter the email for confirmation when you are ready to go for the upgrade by selecting the option “Send confirmation”.

This will enable you to receive the updates that will be rolled out by Microsoft after 29th July for the Windows insider program users. So, not everyone will be upgraded to Windows 10 after 29th July and confirming will help that you are ready for the upgrade as your system is compatible with the version.

You may check the PC requirements with the hamburger button by clicking on Check PC.

Those users who have registered will get notified about the Windows 10 upgrade when it is available for your computer. You must take the necessary backup of the files on an external storage for a complete backup of the system to prevent any issues.

After the upgrade, the antivirus needs to be disabled or the peripheral needs to be disconnected that are attached to the system. Apart from it, you may need to uninstall the apps that are obstructing the Windows 10 as problematic.

After the notification for the upgrade, all you have to do is to accept the Important Legal Stuff and the windows setup wizard will show “Your upgrade is ready to install”. Onward you may set the time for the upgrade or may start immediately to begin the upgrade process.

The upgrade can take some time and you have to wait for the same; so it is advised to choose the process to take place when you are ready to spare the computer and may leave it for an hour or so to upgrade. It is quite fine to schedule the update for weekend to allow you enough time away from the system.

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