How to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10

All windows users need to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 this weekend. The newest version of Windows that is faster, more useful & more secure than its forerunner, is only a totally free upgrade until next few days. After that, you will have to pay 120 USD for a piece of software that is unconscionable.

Nevertheless, all the facts in the world do not disguise the fact that updating an OS is always awful. Microsoft Windows 10 guarantees you “all your stuff is going to be just where you left it!”

The 1st step is to check your device meets the specifications for the upgrade. It requires at least 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB of RAM (64-bit), a 1GHz CPU, 16GB (32-bit) or 20GB (64-bit of open hard drive space & a DirectX 9-capable video card. You are able to check these by going to Microsoft Windows Explorer, right-click My Computer & click Properties.

As soon as you have confirmed that your pc can handle Microsoft Windows 10, you have to check you are eligible for a totally free upgrade. Anybody running a genuine version of Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 will get a free upgrade. Microsoft offers a guide for looking at your version of Windows.

You also have to update your Computer to the latest version & back up your files. These two are stressful activities. Just in case anything goes wrong, I would back up your important files prior to updating.

You could use all kinds of backup software to make a full backup if you so choose (here are some fair ones); at a bare minimum, utilize a flash drive, cloud service or external hard drive like Dropbox to copy important files & photos.

Once you have tackled that, you may check for updates. On Microsoft Windows 7, go to Control Panel–>System & Security–>Windows Update. On Microsoft Windows 8, you may just type “Windows Update” into your Start Menu search.

Next, you have to actually start the update process. The simplest, most universal way is to head to the Microsoft Windows 10 download page. It will prompt you to download the Microsoft Windows 10 installer. The system will check what gadget you would like to install Windows 10 on, make sure you meet all the system details & download the install package.

As soon as Windows is downloaded, you are all set to pull the trigger. The 1st things you will be presented with are the Microsoft Windows License terms. After reading the terms or not reading the terms, if you wish to proceed just click on the on the Accept option. You will have 3 choices: keep personal files & apps, keep personal files or nothing. It's suggested to keep all the personal files & apps. There is a small chance that a few of your programs might not work, but uninstalling & reinstalling the program must fix that.

On the final screen, you will have your last opportunity to turn back. When you hit install, the procedure cannot be stopped. Be sure your computer is plugged into a source of power; the install process should take 15-20 minutes. Your computer will reboot a number of times. Please do not panic/press the power button/otherwise twist with things.

Assuming every little thing goes well & you do not have a power outage during set up, you should have a newly installed, 100 % free copy of Microsoft Windows 10.

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