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M certs


First of all, to be a member of the Adviser Team you must want to help people.  Next you must show your expertise by holding a Microsoft or Comp TIA Professional Certification.  Unlike a degree, the Certifications are reflections of Industry Standard expertise.  However sometimes we are overwhelmed with requests and we must hire associates to help.  Unfortunately these associates do not have our passion and do not work for free.  So sometimes in order to get a timely response they may cost you from $5.00 to $20.00.  This is always your option.  If you can wait for a bit, we will get to you.



We provide the technical help that beginner to intermediate users need to perform functions in the IT/Internet word at as low a cost as possible.  We will NEVER tell you what to do.  We will explain options and help you decide what is best for you. We will never talk down to you.  We will help you learn.



We do not provide professional consulting services at this location.


All advice that you receive as a customer is reviewable by a Senior member of my team.  We must on occasion bring in junior people.  When confused, they tend to try to baffle you with crap.  If we are aware of that, we will remove that person and give you sound advice.  Our goal is to have happy satisfied customers.  If we do not have expertise in the area of your question, we will tell you so up front.  Our goal is to save you money.


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