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First of all, to be a member of the Adviser Team you must want to help people.  Next you must show your expertise by holding a Microsoft or Comp TIA Professional Certification.  Unlike a degree, the Certifications are reflections of Industry Standard expertise.  However sometimes we are overwhelmed with requests and we must hire associates to help.  Unfortunately these associates do not have our passion and do not work for free.  So sometimes in order to get a timely response they may cost you from $5.00 to $20.00.  This is always your option.  If you can wait for a bit, we will get to you.



We provide the technical help that beginner to intermediate users need to perform functions in the IT/Internet word at as low a cost as possible.  We will NEVER tell you what to do.  We will explain options and help you decide what is best for you. We will never talk down to you.  We will help you learn.



We do not provide professional consulting services at this location.


All advice that you receive as a customer is reviewable by a Senior member of my team.  We must on occasion bring in junior people.  When confused, they tend to try to baffle you with crap.  If we are aware of that, we will remove that person and give you sound advice.  Our goal is to have happy satisfied customers.  If we do not have expertise in the area of your question, we will tell you so up front.  Our goal is to save you money.



  1. With the service that you provide do you get many repeat customers. Do you have a way of measuring the satisfaction of your customers?

  2. July 6, 2015

    I would like to start off my comments by letting you know that I was afraid of computers. I come from a world with rotary phones, eight track tapes, and black and white television. As the world advanced using technology, I fought it tooth and nail. I was probably the last person on earth to get a cellphone, buy a CD player, or use a computer. I didn’t even have an e-mail address. When I met my future husband, he was into computers. As a matter of fact, his work consisted in using the computer. When he tried to get me into the computers, I resisted. Then I went back to school and had no choice.
    School consisted of strictly computer use and the only thing I knew how to do at the time was Facebook and its games. I never felt so inadequate in my entire life! Well I knew I needed help fast if I was to catch up with the younger students; so I went online and discovered IZPO Advisor Team at GoodCheapComputers.com. I was afraid to let my instructors know that I didn’t know how the computer worked other than Facebook, but the IZPO Advisor Team fixed that in a short time.
    I never knew what an operating system was before consulting with the team. I first started with Windows 7 and mastered it with no problems, but when the team attempted to change me over to Windows 10, I once again resisted. However, I realized that the world is changing and I must change with it if I am to succeed in my career. Now I am very comfortable with Windows 10 preview and have been using it for the past six months without any problems.
    I am now also able to use Microsoft Office with ease. In Word, I can now write letters, mail merge, make newsletters, insert watermarks, and insert footnotes. There are other things that I can now do using Word 2010 and now 2013. I am also comfortable with PowerPoint, making great presentations and using the transition and animation features with ease. In addition, I can put videos and sounds within my presentations. I can also access features in Excel and Access to help me during school projects.
    The IZPO Advisor Team can also help you with difficult computer issues such as file space allocations issues, viruses and malware, and file management. These are just a few of the many computer issues that the team can help you with if you need them.
    If you are a beginner at using the computer as I was or need help with computer issues, or just want to learn how to do more with your computer, go to GoodCheapComputers.com and talk to the IZPO Advisor Team. I give the IZPO Advisor Team five stars and my sincere thanks!!!

    Louise Terrance

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