Dragon… Dont type, talk


The rate of speech is roughly 120 words each and every minute, or three times faster when compared to the average typing speed of 40 words each and every minute. Voice recognition software program Dragon, by Nuance Communications, transforms your spoken vocabulary into content so it’s like having a 120 words per minute typist, who is very precise.


In case you are a freelance author, a speech to text software like Dragon can greatly improve your productivity. Those that type very sluggish or possess illegible handwriting may also benefit greatly. Secretaries and administrative assistants can experience great efficiency gains by dictating company documents and emails. Another group that benefits are the ones that are struggling repetitive strain injuries such as for example carpal tunnel.


The first talk with text software arrived in the 1990’s and was not impressive, as the narrator was forced to speak in a robot-like fashion so the transcription could possibly be error free. That is not the case anymore. previous versions of these programs frequently slowed computer function. These problems have been solved by Dragon. Earlier Dragon versions frequently interpreted a breath just as a word. With the brand new version, it isn’t necessary to switch off the microphone for a pause.

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