Clock Is Winding Down On Free Windows 10

Less than a week counting. If you have not yet taken advantage of the chance to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 for free, that's all the time you've left.

Surprisingly, many of the people who've not yet upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10 can also be part of the "Microsoft is just attempting to squeeze additional money out of me" camp of conspiracy theorists. They will possibly also still be 1st in line to complain about no matter what price Microsoft chooses to charge for Microsoft Windows 10 once the exceptionally generous year of free upgrade membership expires.

There've been a multitude of justifications provided for rejecting the free upgrade. Customers love Windows 7 & for good reason. Microsoft Windows 7 is an incredible operating system. If you prefer Windows 7, though, & you desire to continue utilizing the same software you are already utilized to, make sure you still upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10.

The Microsoft Windows 10 desktop & the way apps run in Microsoft Windows 10 are pretty similar—almost the same in most cases—to the Microsoft Windows 7 experience. The Start button is distinct by default, but even that could be personalized to look & feel basically like what you already possess in Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 10 also consists of a number of performance & security enhancements which make it better than Microsoft Windows 7.

You probably frequently heard objections about not wanting a “tablet” OS on a traditional computer. I get that—sort of—if we are talking about Microsoft Windows 8. By Microsoft Windows 8.1 that debate was less valid & with Microsoft Windows 10 it is just silly, truly. If you do not want your personal computer to be a tablet, that is fine. It's absolutely up to you whether or not you utilize the tablet-esque functions of Microsoft Windows 10, or just utilize your Microsoft Windows 10 as a latest version of Windows 7.

For those who've the hardware to make use of it, Microsoft Windows 10 has much more to offer at the same time. Windows Hello verification is awesome. Utilizing Cortana & more precisely the automatic voice reaction to "Hey Cortana" could be quite liberating. The Edge browser, integration with Xbox, handwriting recognition & a number of other features are all excellent reasons to make a switch to Microsoft Windows 10. Even if you do not have new hardware, though, & do not plan to do anything unique than you do now with your current Windows OS —you have got nothing to lose. It is totally free. You could just upgrade & keep using your operating system as you always have. The main difference is that you will have the most recent features & security controls & you will at least have the choice of utilizing some of the innovative features if & when you upgrade your computer hardware.

In a week you are likely to have to pay some sum of money if you wish to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10. You really do not have any room to criticize about what Microsoft Windows 10 costs—regardless of what amount that eventually ends up being—after you have had a whole year to just get the operating system for free. Go download Microsoft Windows 10 now.

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