New Picture


Cortana is an AI helper system, similar to Apple’s Siri, that will assist users with day to day computing functions. It is already on Windows Phones, and is posed to becoming a staple of WIndows 10.

On the interface side, Microsoft has settled on an animated circular shape to symbolize Cortana’s personality and how it responds to input, instead of utilizing a full blown human-like avatar, like used in the video game Halo.

Cortana records everything she knows about you in a file. This mirrors real assistants and how they operate; to keep tabs on what their boss likes and dislikes. Having this file system in place and accessible by users, allows them to see precisely what Cortana is aware of and delete anything they’re unhappy with.

Cortana gets more and more useful each day, when she studies you. She will make life easier by giving fast access to all the info you need. She will make suggestions personalized just for you. Microsoft expects the Cortana assistant to be very useful, and used by all Windows 10 users. Microsoft wants to build up a contextual operating support system that knows an individual so well that it could predict their needs to get objectives done faster, like a science fiction movie.