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Google Provides Early Look at Android M

Google is going back to the basics, as said by the SVP of Android. Google has come up with the test preview of Android M for consumers before the official launch. It’s similar to downloading messaging app like Whatsapp, when user try to download it, there is no permission app, rather for every action user do on messenger; permission is granted separated for that.
Now what Google tends to do with Android M and what market has to say?

Drive space:
With the addition of Android M, Google shall be able to get all preferred Apps along with their backups and settings on Google drive. At the same time, the space in the drive is pretty less 25 MB, so it is feared that it won’t be able to save many downloads.
Now Enjoy Vertical Scrolling:
With Android M, the overall functionality of the app is increased and app can now be scrolled down in vertical manner rather horizontally. Normally vertical scrolling is slightly easy and better as compared to the traditional horizontal one.

Freedom of Customization:
Android addition in Google gives user the liberty to use the settings of quick access in a customization manner to the notification bar. Now user will be able to either completely get rid of or change certain functions like airplane mode, hot spot, mobile signals, torch or cast screen etc.

Color Scheme:
If you want to have black background and don’t like white color of Lollipop, then Android M has good news, it is more like black scheme of Kitkat Android. With automatic option of changing color, it will appear white during the day time and will become black color in the evening time.

Enhancing Security:
To enhance phone security, Android M doesn’t offer quick dial-up access to all those people who makes call many time a day. It restricts the reach to dial-up when the screen is locked.
Though there are many new features with deletion of older ones, still Android users look forward to the launch of Android M by Google to experience its magic world.
It is still a surprise as what will “M” stand for. If Google is going to follow its tradition of calling every new app with some edible names, like KitKat and Lollipop, then we may assume “M” to be either “Muffin”, “Marshmallow” or anything else. So folks wait for the new treat.

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