5 Windows 10 Apps You Should Try

With the ever-growing range of apps & games in the Microsoft Windows Store, it's becoming progressively difficult to keep up with what is out there. Here are 5 apps which we found you should try.

Monocle Giraffe

It's an Imgur application for Microsoft Windows 10 computers & phones, with a clear design & a lot of features for the internet lover in all of us. The application provides you access to each gallery on the website, as well as on Reddit. Browse the newest images from around the net organized by level of popularity, view by topic, or look for using keywords. Download specific pictures or entire albums at once, or share them with buddies through other applications. Sign in to your Imgur account to edit & upload images of your own, make & reply to comments & more.


Plex just released their Microsoft Windows 10 application for computer earlier this week. If you are not familiar, Plex allows you to set up a media server on your PC utilizing their Plex Media Server & then enjoy your images, videos & music from any gadget on your network utilizing this client application.

This app organizes your entire media into one slick, user-friendly interface, complete with artwork, descriptions & more. Your streaming media is going to be converted as it streams to a format which you device can support.

You are able to take it all to the next stage with a Plex Pass subscription which will give you even more versatility. Plex Pass won't only enable you to sync media to well-known cloud storage services, but also to your gadgets for offline use. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Plex is an awesome way to organize & share your entire digital media.


The extensively popular messaging business Viber just took their Microsoft Windows 10 application out of beta status on both computer and Mobile.

Viber enables you to send messages over just about any platform for free utilizing your gadget's internet connection. Whether it is with only one friend or in a pool of up to 200 people, send photos, texts, videos, contacts & audio recordings. There is also a many stickers, emoticons, & animations to perk up your messages.

The Windows 10 application also introduces a lot of new features, the greatest being video calling, so now you may talk it up face to face. Viber's Microsoft Windows 10 application makes the majority of the OS's capabilities, with integrated support for Cortana to place calls & send messages. The application integrates with your smartphone's Contacts for hassle-free calling. You could also pin conversations to your Start menu as Live Tiles.

Multi Messenger

There are a slew of applications & sites that all have their very own messaging platforms & it could be a messy venture to continue with them all. Multi Messenger goals to make it easier by wrangling all of your points of contact into just one user interface.

This app connects you to twenty-three different platforms utilizing an encrypted HTTPS connection. There are messaging applications, like WhatsApp, Slack, and GroupMe & Google Hangouts. You could also connect your social accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/TweetDeck & VK. There is even having access to popular sites, such as Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube & more.

Multi Messenger allows you to pare down your start page in the application, so only the websites you select show up once you open it up. You will get notifications each time a new message arrives on any one of your accounts. If you're active on a number of messaging fronts, Multi Messenger might just be for you.

Touchdown Hero: New Season

Game Troopers is striking the gridiron with their newest title, Touchdown Hero: New Season, for Microsoft Windows 10 computer & mobile. In this vintage endless-runner, you're the star running back attempting to rush through the opponent defence for the goal line. Make use of your mouse or onscreen controls to dodge & juke the opponent as you race for glory.

But one touchdown is not enough. Just whenever you reach the end zone to score, the area changes & you are off to square off in opposition to the next team. Tap for a slow-motion O’s" & "X's view of the field so that you could plan your route.

Like all great rushers, you're also outfitted with some sweet moves. You may push, spin, or fake your way by means of the tacklers, but only one time until your power meter restores.

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