Everything You Need To Know About WordPress 4.8 Features!

WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS in the world today, and it is not due to luck. The simple design but powerful features, along with a dedicated community, have helped WordPress become the name it is today. A major credit goes to its development team too, that have been working over the years in order to bring new features into the platform with every release. One such upcoming release will be in June 2017 with the version 4.8, which is anticipated by everyone. But what is it all about?

The Beta release

WordPress recently launched the beta release of the WordPress 4.8, which allowed us to get a glimpse of the features that might be there in the final product. Like any beta release, many of these features might be modified or discarded in the main release, if they are found to incompatible or unpopular with the users. But here is what we know about the features so far:

  1. Improved Visual Editor

The existing Text editor had enough functionality, but required the basic knowledge of HTML in order to code the utilities on the site. This restricted the casual users from doing much customization on their content. However, the new release will have a Visual Editor will simplify things for beginners by providing inbuilt options, instead of having them coded in HTML. This includes creating hyperlinks, creating lists or formatting text.

  1. Image Widget

Including images was always an option, but it required the same basic knowledge of HTML to do that. However, version 4.8 will have an image widget that could make things a lot easier.

This includes uploading images from both the local storage and WordPress library, placing them wherever you want on the site, and having a preview of it before finalizing.

  1. Video Widget

Similar to images, adding videos also required HTML coding. With the new Video Widget, you could simply upload the video (from local storage, library or third-party sites like YouTube) and place it on your website.

It also works well with just an URL and provides the thumbnail of the uploaded content.

  1. Audio Widget

It seems like WordPress finally understood the power of widgets, which is why it created a separate widget for all its popular functionalities, including audio. Like videos, you could upload audio from local drive or library, or insert it via a link. Then, you could place the audio wherever you want within the site. All the widgets make the vital functions much simpler to use.

  1. Events Dashboard

WordPress is so powerful today because of the huge community behind it. The fact that a lot of people are working upon it has created the environment which has led to huge improvements in it over time. The company finally realized the importance of this and included a “News and Events Dashboard” widget in the new release. It will bring to you the official news about WordPress, as well as events that are happening close to your location. Keeping it in the form of a widget will make it easier to access and view.

  1. Other improvements

Widgets have been the biggest features in the beta release so far, but that doesn’t mean that the new release would be so one-dimensional. The customizer panel will now be sized proportionally to the big screens, instead of the earlier constant aspect ratio. Some new functions will also be introduced that will make things easier inWordPress builders. Overall, the WordPress 4.8 is aiming to be a huge release for both the casual users as well as the serious builders.