How to Upgrade From Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional?

All the latest PC are coming with the Windows 10 Home version, but if you are looking for the Windows 10 Pro version you need to pay for the upgrade. Those who have upgraded from the Window 7 or Windows 8.1 professional editions already have the Windows 10 Pro version and don’t need to pay for the upgrade. The users opting for Windows 10 Professional will get the support like BitLocker drive encryption facility, Hyper-V virtualization features, along with the built-in remote desktop server, and other business-targeted features like domain join.

How much I have to pay for the Upgrade and what are the advantages?  

The cost of the upgrade in the USA is $99.99 and the prices for the upgrade vary from country to country as per Microsoft’s discretion but these will not vary extensively. The user may purchase the upgrade right from the Windows Store just like you buy the other apps. Once you purchase the upgrade the Windows will automatically upgrade to professional edition and all the Professional features will be available on your computer.

The upgrade is available for the single computer-based license and you have to buy multiple licenses for multiple PCs. Alike the Windows 10 Home it will not be available for the other PCs so you will not be able to move it from one PC to another. The users looking to upgrade to the Windows 10 Enterprise edition will have to reinstall the computer with enterprise product key and it is not available like the ultimate editions of Windows 7 and vistas that were available for the home users. You must note these facts well before deciding on to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional edition.

How to Upgrade From Windows 10 Home to Professional version?

First of all, you need to go to the settings from the startup options. From there you have to open the start screen and select “Settings”. The below window will appear on the screen.

Now you have to select the “Update & security” tab then move onto the start “activation” tab. Here you will notice the edition of Windows 10 that are displayed here in the below image.

For upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional you need to click on the tab “Go to store” and you will be migrated from the activation panel to the windows upgrade category zone on the store.

In the Windows Store App, you will see the “Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro” screen that allows you to purchase the Windows 10 Professional License by clicking on the “$99.99” button. Just like any other product you can but the professional license for single PC. For making the payment you need to login to the Microsoft account or have to create one if you don’t have it. The by entering the payment details you can buy the license. In case you have the product key you can select the “I have a Windows 10 Pro product key” option and may enter the product key to upgrade.
Congrats! Now you have upgraded your PC from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional edition.

How to Create and Use a Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc in Windows 8 or 10

Windows 8 or 10 gives you the feature to create a recovery drive in (USB or CD/DVD) which helps you in restoring your computer or troubleshoot the issues. You can access any of the media (USB/CD/DVD) to initiate the Windows’ advanced startup options. Apart you may also make recovery partitions on the computer drive with a backup copy. Once your backup copy is created the Windows doesn’t obstruct the removal of recovery partition from the computer which helps in freeing the space.

How to create a Recovery Drive (USB)?

For making a recovery drive you need to open the recovery drive creation tool by pressing the windows key and type “recovery drive”. Just click the settings category and launch “create a recovery drive” application from there. Windows 10 users can search the same from start menu option.

The application will launch the recovery drive tool on the desktop. You may copy the recovery drive to recovery partition if it is present in the computer. This may use more space as compared with the other alternatives. For creating recovery drive you need a USB drive with a large capacity. Once you have copied the recovery partition the computer will ask to delete the recovery partition on the hard drive this can save you about 3.5 GB of space.

You have to click next then the Windows will prompt you to select the connected USB drive; after selection, click the create button and the files will be stored on the USB drive.

Once this step is completed, you will be asked to delete the recovery partition; after deleting the same you will need the recovery drive to refresh and reset the computer in future.

How to create a System Repair Disc (CD/DVD)?

This feature of creating the USB is newly introduced in the Windows 8 and 10 versions and the Windows 7 gives the option of creating the recovery disc only. This can also be done in Windows 8. For the same, you have to open the disc creation tool. It can be done by pressing the Windows key and typing “redisc” then press Enter.

You will see the disc creator tool on the desktop; now tap on the disc burner and create a recovery disc on the writable CD/DVD.

How to use the Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc?

This recovery disc is usually not required for the startup or normal computer functions. It is required when you are unable to boot the computer several times and the Windows 8 or 10 brings the advanced startup options to fix the trouble.

In case the windows fail to fetch the advanced startup options you will need the recovery drive or the system repair disc. This time you must insert the recovery drive and restart the computer. Now the computer will boot from the recovery media automatically. In case it doesn’t boot up you need to change the boot order.

After the system boots up you will get the troubleshooting and repair options for the computer. You have to refresh and restart the computer to recover the damage or restore the computer or automatically repair the computer. The system also gives the command prompt that helps you to troubleshoot the problems manually.

In case, the computer doesn’t boot you must try the Automatic repair or system restore option this will always fix the issues.

Windows 10 Professional 32bit/64bit Global License Product OEM Key – Digital Download

Windows 10 is an operating system for desktops and laptops and the OS is developed and published by Microsoft. It is very user-friendly OS due to the interface it has with the self-explanatory menu and other items. The different applications are pinned to the start menu which increases the ease of use to the customers providing easier access. The new operating system has a wide variety of features with high security and it is being supported in all versions of hardware used by the customers. The internet browser and other applications are upgraded to the most advanced versions and they provide the hassle-free experience to the end users. The operating system can be downloaded and installed with the help of the product key which can be purchased online or through other brick and mortar stores.

Windows 10 OEM is the full version of the operating system and it not an upgrade and it is used during pre-installation which cannot be transferred to other systems. Windows 10 the most trusted operating system which was developed after taking the from millions of the people and it proved to be the best operating system with of the features and the advanced protection against phishing, viruses and other malware. The user experience in case of various applications like browser, gaming experience, etc. has increased to the greatest extent with an exciting experience.

Purchase and the Product details

The operating system purchased in the medium will be sent to the address of the recipient within one day after the payment is credited to the company. The deliveries can vary depending on the purchase time. The product purchased contains the brand-new Windows 10 Professional genuine key which is legitimate that is used for installation and activation. This key is bound to the motherboard of the system on which the installation is done and it is free of expiry. The package also contains the full-fledged manual which consists of the installation instructions for loading the operating system onto a laptop or desktop.

Refund & Returns

There will not be any refund of the key purchased as it is a one-time usage of the product. The order can be canceled before the order is delivered. The return of the product can be performed if the key is not redeemed and if it is usable and resale can be done.

System Requirements for Windows 10 Operating System

The system requirements for using the Windows 10 Operating System with the help of Product OEM key are mentioned below:

  • The processor of capacity 1 Giga Hertz or more
  • RAM of 1 GB or more than1 GB
  • The free hard disk space of minimum 16 GB
  • The graphic card must be of DirectX 9 with WDDM Driver
  • Microsoft account specific to the user
  • Internet access for downloading the required files

How to install and activate

The operating system should be first downloaded and the installation package that is downloaded to be burnt on DVD or USB drive. Later, the operating system will be installed with the help of the product key that is purchased. The activation is performed with the help of the key downloaded.

How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10?

The below steps will help you in upgrading from Widows 7 to Windows 10. This step by step process will make it easy for any user to upgrade easily without any complications. The user running the Windows 7 with service pack 1 are eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10. To know whether your computer has the same configuration just open run command by entering Windows + R shortcut and type “Winver” in the command box, you will see the details as in the figure “Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)”.

Those who don’t have service pack 1 have to install it from the Microsoft support center. You must update the selective version as per the configuration of computer i.e. 64 bit or 32 bit. After updating you shall see the “Get Windows 10” app in notification with the Windows icon. If you don’t see the app icon your computer is not yet ready to be upgraded.

If you don’t want to get into the updates and want to speed up the process, you may download the update KB3035583 that will give you direct access to install “Get Windows 10” app on your computer. Once you have installed the app, click on the Windows icon on the screen in the bottom right corner. Now click the “Reserve your free upgrade” button from there. You will have to enter the email for confirmation when you are ready to go for the upgrade by selecting the option “Send confirmation”.

This will enable you to receive the updates that will be rolled out by Microsoft after 29th July for the Windows insider program users. So, not everyone will be upgraded to Windows 10 after 29th July and confirming will help that you are ready for the upgrade as your system is compatible with the version.

You may check the PC requirements with the hamburger button by clicking on Check PC.

Those users who have registered will get notified about the Windows 10 upgrade when it is available for your computer. You must take the necessary backup of the files on an external storage for a complete backup of the system to prevent any issues.

After the upgrade, the antivirus needs to be disabled or the peripheral needs to be disconnected that are attached to the system. Apart from it, you may need to uninstall the apps that are obstructing the Windows 10 as problematic.

After the notification for the upgrade, all you have to do is to accept the Important Legal Stuff and the windows setup wizard will show “Your upgrade is ready to install”. Onward you may set the time for the upgrade or may start immediately to begin the upgrade process.

The upgrade can take some time and you have to wait for the same; so it is advised to choose the process to take place when you are ready to spare the computer and may leave it for an hour or so to upgrade. It is quite fine to schedule the update for weekend to allow you enough time away from the system.