15 things to look forward to in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

On 2nd August, Microsoft Windows 10 will receive its 1st major update: the Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The Anniversary Update is going to be free for all Microsoft Windows 10 users & will include every little thing from visual tweaks & security developments to brand-new features. Here are a number of the changes -- big & small -- that you may look forward to.

A more confusing Start menu

The 1st thing you will observe in the Anniversary Update is the Start menu...it is different. There is no longer an "All applications" menu. Rather, all of your installed applications show up in a list on the left side of the Start menu. You will see icons for your account, File Explorer, downloads, Settings & Power to the left of this list. To the right of this list, you will see the tiles & live tiles.

A funkier taskbar

The Microsoft Windows 10 taskbar receives some awesome tweaks in the Anniversary Update, such as prettier right-click menus & a dedicated area in the Settings menu. You will locate it under Personalization > Taskbar. The taskbar calendar & clock are now combined -- click the clock & you will see the time & a list of your events of the day.

Edge extensions

The Edge browser will eventually get support for browser extensions. A number of 3-party Edge extensions such as the Pinterest Pin It Button, AdBlock & Evernote will be accessible at launch, preferably with more to come.

Edge improvements

Browser extensions are not the only thing Edge users should look forward to in the Anniversary Update. Microsoft Edge will receive a number of small enhancements which will preferably make it a lot more user-friendly. A few of these improvements include:

  • The power to pin tabs in the browser
  • Enhanced organization of bookmarks & favourites
  • A paste & go option for the address bar
  • Web notifications from web pages in your Action Center
  • The ability to drag & drop folders to cloud storage services
  • Swipe navigation

Windows Ink

Microsoft Windows 10 will get more pen & stylus friendly with Microsoft Windows Ink, a new pen-centric encounter that enables you to use your active stylus all over the OS. Microsoft Windows Ink comes with its own unique workspace that you could access by means of an icon in the system tray.

Cortana on the lock screen

Cortana will move to the lock screen. As soon as this feature is allowed, you will be able to gain access to Cortana by saying "Hello, Cortana" or by hitting the Cortana icon. Digital assistant of Microsoft will be capable of performing a number of tasks from the lock screen, including looking up directions, creating reminders or scheduling appointments.

Windows Hello for apps & websites

Windows Hello currently enables you to sign into your pc utilizing facial recognition, an iris scan or a fingerprint. Upcoming Update, Windows Hello is going to be available on supported sites as long as you are surfing with Edge -- the 1st browser to natively support biometrics. It will also work on Microsoft Windows apps. In a nutshell, you will soon be capable of signing into sites with your face.

Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere will bring universal gaming to Xbox and Microsoft Windows 10 gadgets. Xbox Play Anywhere is restricted to upcoming titles, but games bought on the Xbox will be usable on Windows 10 PCs & vice versa. You will also be able to go seamlessly between gadgets -- you may begin playing a game on your Xbox One & get it later on your computer.

An improved Windows Defender

If you set up a 3rd-party antivirus program in Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Defender routinely disables itself. But as a consequence of a new feature known as Limited Periodic Scanning, Microsoft Windows Defender can now work as an "additional line of defense" to your current antivirus program. When Limited Periodic Scanning is switched on, Windows Defender will switch itself on to scan your personal computer periodically without interfering with your current antivirus program.

Android Notifications in your Action Center

The Cortana application for Android will be capable of connecting your Android gadget with your Microsoft Windows 10 PC for extremely convenient "universal" notifications. As soon as connected, Cortana will be capable of doing things like mirror your Android notifications in the Microsoft Windows 10 Action Center & remotely locate & ring your smartphone from your computer. You will also be capable of receiving text messages from your smartphone on your PC.

A dark theme

Microsoft Windows 10 is all white. But soon you will be able to choose a lot more eye-friendly dark theme for default Microsoft Windows apps including the Maps app, Settings menu & the Calculator app. In the Customization tab of the Settings menu, you may now pick one of 2 app modes: Dark or Light (default).

Pin a program or window on all desktops

You'll now be capable to "pin" an open window or all windows from a particular program to all desktops -- to ensure that window or program will always be available.

A more useful Action Center

Notifications are now arranged by app (instead of chronologically) & can be effortlessly dismissed in chunks. You may also set priority levels for every individual application in the Settings menu to one of 3 options. You could also personalize the number of notifications to be presented from each application, as well as things like whether an application's notifications show up as pop-up banners or sounds.

New emojis

Microsoft has remodelled all of the emojis in Microsoft Windows 10 to be "detailed, & expressive." The new emojis are bold & large, with bright colours, a 2-pixel thick outline & 8 different skin tone choices. To get the new emojis on your PC, you will have to use the on-screen touch keyboard. You are able to access this by pressing the keyboard icon in the system tray.

Active Hours

Active hours feature allows you to correspond to the hours you are normally active on your PC. Microsoft Windows will not restart your gadget to set up updates during these hours. You will locate the Active Hours in the Settings menu. You are able to only designate up to twelve hours as "active."

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